Briar Will

is a brand built around the revaluation of discarded materials and garments; a world where jeans are turned into tracksuit pants, souvenir t-shirts are made into jerseys and belted denim is transformed into feather light fabric.

The label will comprise of limited edition capsule collections that are informed by the scarcity of end-of-roll synthetic sport fabrics and a rotation of trompe l’oeil sublimation print designs. Found garments are digitally recontextulised and printed into pattern pieces before being constructed into a series of garment archetypes.

The debut ‘Case of Fate’ collection showcases three silhouettes; a t-shirt, tracksuit pants and a mini-skirt that all designed for versatility, comfort and ease. Nonsensical colours and intricate textile textures adorn jacquard polyester knits, slinky soft jerseys and moisture wicking coolmesh.

Expect the unexpected and embody the illusion.