Briar Will is a brand built around the revaluation of discarded materials and garments; a world where jeans are turned into tracksuit pants, souvenir t-shirts are made into jerseys and belted denim is transformed into feather light fabric.

Winning Spirit is Briar Will’s second trans-seasonal collection. The collection is inspired by the glitz and glamour of sporting competitions, the shine of podium medallions, regal prize sashes, and the euphoric sensation of finishing on top. 

Winning Spirit stays true to Briar Will’s unique creative process, where sourced secondhand garments are digitally re-imagined into trompe l’oeil designs and printed onto synthetic sports fabrics through sublimation printing. These techniques recontextualise and revalue preloved garments by presenting them in a new light. 

Briar will is exploring the intersection of sportswear and luxurious fashion by creating ultra comfortable garments that are distinctively, 100% BW. The range features silhouettes from Briar Will’s inaugural collection, with the addition of 4 new garment types. As always, all pieces are genderless, versatile, and designed for all bodies.

Expect the unexpected and embody the illusion.